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Magic Corsets & Lingerie is a Boutique Lingerie Store Specializing in Quality Service & High Value Products With a Full Variety of Sizes!

At Magic Corsets & Lingerie You Can Find High Value Products With a Full Variety of Sizes! See Below For Our Entire Line of Quality Products:













Magic Corsets & Lingerie has two convenient locations! One is located in the heart of Forest Hills, Queens, New York and the other is located in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York!

Forest Hills, Queens Location

70-10 Austin St, Forest Hills, NY 11375

(718) 261-6999

Brighton Beach, Brooklyn Location

258 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

(718) 332-4141

What Our Satisfied Clients Have Said About Us...

“I had never been fitted for a bra before and had a great first time experience here. I was wearing bras 3 sizes too small, the service was great and fitting was full of jokes and real boobie talk. Just my cup of tea. I would say not for the overly modest but just right without being rude or overly touchy. The prices are a bit more then a department store or Victoria Secret, but the quality and specialty sizes (they go as far up as GG or F I believe) make it worth it the extra couple of bucks. Overall, Great Service And Wonderful bras.” Melissa M.

of Jamaica, NY, From Yelp Reviews

“I have been going here for a few years and I am absolutely in love with this place. I have a large bust and finding a place that offers bras that will give me support and still make me feel like I’m sexy has always been challenge until I cam across this place. Now it is the only place I go to for my bras.

The staff is incredibly helpful and they always provide you the best items for your size and for your price range. They never pressure you into getting more than you bargained for and they always make you feel incredibly sexy by the time you walk out. Every time I get a new bra from here, I feel instantly slimmer and I feel like I walk out with perkier boobs.

I highly recommend this place for women of all shapes and sizes, but I especially recommend it for women with big busts.” Mariam R.

of Fresh Meadows, NY, From Yelp Reviews

“I am grateful to have walked in this little gem of a shop today on Austin. I am a large breasted woman and hate the idea of bra shopping since its extremely frustrating to figure out correct sizing and styles for my shape. Well I walked in the shop asked if they has bra’s for large breasted women, the nice and knowledgeable women immediately asked me what I thought was my size (LOL) I never knew I was wearing the wrong bra size until having walked into this boutique. I cant remember their names but both ladies immediately knew my size by looks not what I told them and picked bra’s for me to try on with hands on assistance. This is awesome service, of course you cant be shy, it is what it is and I really didn’t want to be bothered with hassling into bras only to find out its not a great fit. This lady got it right on the first try. They made my extremely comfortable, they were pleasant almost like friends trying to assist you and knowledgeable. This is the only place I will be shopping for my bra’s going forward. This is the kind of boutique that remembers you and upon seeing you will present you with merchandise according to your preferences. And to think I passed this shop by for many years.” Tonya Johnson

of Queens, NY, From Google+ Reviews

“I really like this place. I’ve been getting underpinnings and Danskin leggings here for years. The quality is very good. Have had some items for years and they’ve definitely stood the test of time. Unlike the Victoria’s Secret two blocks away, Magic Corset always has my size.” Nan Carde

of New York City, NY, From Google+ Reviews

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